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Our Services

Fostering Innovation to Address 21st Century Public Health Challenges


Led by an experienced and dynamic central management team, Public Health Institute provides infrastructure, coordination and support to some of the best and most creative thinkers in the field of public health.

Since its inception in 1964, PHI has overseen an impressive array of projects ranging from individual grants to large, multi-year, multi-site programs with national and international impact. PHI initiates projects, provides fiscal sponsorship, incubates new directions, partners with foundations and state agencies, and collaborates with others in the field, enabling research and interventions that would otherwise not be possible. Through its diverse programs and projects, PHI addresses emerging public health issues and solutions, and tackles the most significant public health challenges of our time.  By partnering with PHI, foundations and agencies have the opportunity to bring this wealth of expertise to their projects. PHI catalyzes advances in public health through high-level partnership and collaboration and through support for innovative projects.

Services include:

  • Resource development and planning
  • High level partnership coordination
  • Grant and contract management
  • Human resources administration
  • Financial and accounting services

Public Health Researchers and Practitioners: Learn more about becoming a PHI Principal Investigator or Program Director and hosting your innovative public health project at PHI.

Foundations, Agencies, and Organizations: Explore partnering with PHI to advance an initiative or project.

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