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2017 has presented sobering challenges for public health, community wellbeing and health equity. Natural disasters and climate change impacts have devastated communities. We've seen ongoing global threats to the health and safety of vulnerable populations like women and girls. The opioid epidemic continues to snowball across the U.S., ravaging families and decimating communities. And the Affordable Care Act and other critical health programs remain extraordinarily vulnerable to destabilizing cuts that affect us all.

But 2017 has also been a year in which people have fought to protect each other and fill in the gaps, partnering across sectors and alongside local communities to take a stand for health, equity and justice. Thousands of you joined in efforts this year to make sure that every one of us can live longer, healthier, more equitable lives. We're grateful to stand with you.

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PHI's 200+ projects and programs remain on the front lines of solving some of today's most pressing public health crises. Here are just a few examples of how we're helping to make a difference:

  • Standing Up for Health Care and Public Health: PHI joined with organizations across the country this year to defend the Affordable Care Act and fight for public health investments like REACH and the Prevention and Public Health Fund. With your help, we reached thousands of voters across the country and encouraged them to contact their congress members.
  • Empowering Physicians to Speak Out on Climate Change: PHI’s Center for Climate Change and Health is working to train doctors and other health professionals to address the connections between climate change and health and speak out publicly on these issues. The Center also provided expert testimony to help pass the most progressive climate change bills in the country.
  • Ending Child Marriage in Guatemala: As of this summer, no Guatemalan minor may legally be married for any reason, with no exceptions—thanks to a lengthy campaign led by advocates, partners, and allies of PHI's Rise Up. 
  • Leading Innovative Opioid Prevention Partnerships to Save Lives: PHI’s Center for Health Leadership and Practice is partnering with a broad spectrum of stakeholders throughout California to make sure best practices—like safer prescribing, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and harm reduction strategies—are acceptable, accessible, and affordable to all.

The truth is, investing in public health is critical to all our futures—and it's a great way to do the most good. But we can't do it without your help. Please consider a donation to PHI today, and don't forget that making a gift through Facebook doubles your impact. Thank you.