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Clinical Trial Quest

Clinical Trial Quest's mission is to expand access to clinical trial participation by empowering and encouraging discussions between patients and healthcare providers. We believe that by having more community healthcare providers and more diverse patient populations (minorities, women, elderly and socioeconomically disadvantaged patients) participating in clinical trials we can increase the speed of innovation, help the medical community better understand how medicines work in different populations, and both support and improve the quality of care in community healthcare settings.

To accomplish our goals we are developing an educational platform and portfolio of engagement tools. Our platform includes a proprietary database and user interface that will provide patients, caregivers and healthcare providers with accessible, scientifically rigorous and actionable information about clinical trials and standard of care treatments curated from a variety of sources to insure inclusion of the latest information about emerging treatments. Information will be customized to each user audience in a manner currently unavailable to patients, caregivers and healthcare providers.

Program Director(s)

Heidi Lamb