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Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program

The Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program (CCROPP) began in 2005 as a model program utilizing a policy and environmental change approach to help community members gain access to healthy food, beverages and safe spaces to be physically active. Central to CCROPP's work, the leadership training program (Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities Leadership Program) worked closely with local residents to help them gain the critical skills and tools to take on leadership roles and help to create healthier communities.vAs a regional initiative, CCROPP brought together public health departments, community based organizations and grassroots community members to work together in addressing the policy, system and environmental factors that contribute to obesity and obesity related illnesses. CCROPP's many local successes include changing local ordinances to allow for the establishment of farmer’s markets and unlocking school gates for physical activity.

CCROPP work now lives on through Cultiva La Salud

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Genoveva Islas

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Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program - San Joaquin Valley

The goals of this grant are to: 1) involve low-income San Joaquin Valley residents in public decision-making processes affiliated with the Smart Valley Places consortium in order to improve transportation, housing and the environment; and 2) develop capacity among local organizations to facilitate residents' informed participation in public decision-making processes.

Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program: Developing Community Leaders

The Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program (CCROPP) has served as a site for the Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities initiative since December 2009. CCROPP has created a community leadership development curriculum, which has enhanced the capacity of community residents to improve the food and physical activity environments in their communities.

Children’s Health Awareness Project

Two Fresno State Leadership students will work at the California Regional Obesity Prevention Program on children’s health awareness and good nutrition.

Fresno County NEOP Program - Community Expansion

CCROPP will support Fresno County’s Nutrition Education Obesity Prevention (NEOP) Program in six neighborhoods. CCROPP will: engage community groups and others to implement strategies to increase access and consumption of healthy foods; train promotoras to provide nutrition education and support in identifying issues related to access to healthy foods and physical activity opportunities; and  work on youth engagement.

Healthy Small Stores Project in San Joaquin Valley

This pilot project aims to increase the capacity of small locally owned stores to sell produce in the San Joaquin Valley. The project will develop a system of small aggregation and distribution of produce with small ethnic farmers or with a local family farm business.  The system will serve three to four urban or rural stores with fresh produce weekly in communities with little or no access to fresh produce. 

My Plate Summer Lunch 2012

The Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program (CCROPP) will increase Summer Lunch participation in seven Central Valley, California, counties by 20 percent in 2012 and increase fruit and vegetables in summer lunches from regional sources that create a "My Plate" Summer Lunch Program.

Pilot Testing Community Resiliency - Implementing THRIVE

PHI will conduct a training of trainers for use of THRIVE (the Tool for Health and Resilience in Vulnerable Environments) and its use in community-level health equity projects in the regions we serve.  THRIVE assists communities to improve health and health equity through the selection and prioritization of local determinants of health and to develop effective strategies to achieve equity, improve health and safety, and reduce illness and injury.


Support for Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program

The Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program (CCROP) will work to reverse poor policies and create new policies and environments that make healthy choices easy in the San Joaquin Valley region. CCROP will engage and inform communities acting in many sectors to create change.

Sustainable Agriculture Movement in the San Joaquin Valley

This is a subcontract from Californians for Pesticide Reform; original funding comes from the Schmidt Family Foundation's 11th Hour Project. CCROPP as a coalition member supports the project goals. The long-term collective goal is to fundamentally transform agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley to a fair, sustainable and resilient system prioritizing human and ecological health. A complimentary long-term goal is building a powerful and diverse movement for change.

Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Program

The Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program will: 1) develop a training curriculum in multiple languages, vetted with participants and city planning; 2) review and update the curriculum for different local scenarios to provide more transportation choices; 3) promote equitable, affordable housing; and 4) coordinate policies and leverage investment.