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Webinar: Staying Compliant Selling Foods and Beverages in California Schools

September 02, 2016

Are you finding it daunting to figure out whether you can sell a food or beverage in your school? New Federal requirements for compeitive foods and beverages in schools, layered on top of pre-existing California law, have made it complicated and national calculators don’t reflect California standards.

PHI's California Project LEAN (Leaders Encouraging Activity and Nutrition) has updated its California Competitive Food and Beverage Compliance Calculator to make life easier for school nutrition service directors, parents, or others who want to sell or distribute food in California schools. The calculator will allow people to enter information on a product they want to sell, and find out whether it is compliant for sale in elementary, middle, or high school.


How to Use the new California Competitive Food and Beverage Compliance Calculator
Wednesday, September 14, 1:30 pm PDT


"You shouldn’t need a nutrition degree to figure out if a snack is compliant," says Dr. Lynn Silver, Project LEAN Director, "This straightforward tool will save time and help members of the school community make sure foods and beverages meet the state and federal standards."

This webinar is open to any groups or individuals selling foods and beverages in schools; including School Food Service personnel, parent organization members, student organization members, and the school food and beverage industry.

Michael Danzik, MPH, RD, Nutrition Education Consultant at the California Department of Education explains, “These rules are complicated—we have been teaching people about them all across the State—this new tool will make it simpler to keep schools in compliance.”

This webinar is hosted by a partnership between PHI's California Project LEAN and the California Department of Education.