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Global Health Pathways: Three-Part Web Series

October 26, 2016

Interested in being part of combating a disease such as the Zika virus or even Ebola? Want to be part of research on health across borders? If yes, Global Health is for you!

In partnership with Global Health Fellows Program-II and USAID, FACES for the Future Coalition will show you the way into the Global Health field through our three-part webinar series, Global Health Pathways. This webinar is free and for people of all ages—whether you’re in high school or in college—because it’s never too early to get involved.

We will connect you with current global health professionals, provide you with a list of skills and knowledge you’ll need to get into the field, and hopefully inspire you to get out there and join the global health workforce and make a difference.

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This series will be composed of three webinars:

  1. Your Toolkit (November 17, 2016): What skills/capabilities does a successful global health worker need? What skills do I need to build? How do those skills apply in the field?
  2. Your Stepping Stones (December 15, 2016): What type of professional development do I need? Overseas experience? Education?
  3. Your Options (January 19, 2016): What career options are available to me?

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity—be sure to register and save the date for each of the webinars.