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Soda Tax Movement Gains Momentum in Bay Area

November 09, 2016 | Next City

Three Bay Area cities bolstered a national movement to tax soda to reduce consumption on Tuesday as measures to do just that in San Francisco, Oakland and Albany won handily. All three measures — aimed at fighting back against the rising tide of obesity and diabetes — passed in landslide victories. In San Francisco and Oakland soda tax measures passed with 62 percent support, and in Albany, with 71 percent.

Oakland and San Francisco are the largest cities in the country to approve such a tax and open the door for other cities to replicate their campaigns. And in tiny Albany, voters resoundingly approved the tax. They will join Berkeley, which two years ago became the nation’s first city to pass a sugar-sweetened beverage tax.

“It will be a tremendous victory for public health,” said Lynn Silver, senior adviser at the Public Health Institute in Oakland. “Having big cities like Oakland and San Francisco approve a soda tax will make it easier and more likely to be successful in other jurisdictions across the country.”

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