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Public Health Institute Calls for Protection of Nutrition Programs in Proposed Farm Bills

May 15, 2013


“The Public Health Institute recognizes the leadership of Chairwoman Stabenow and Ranking Member Cochran in the Senate, and Chairman Lucas and Ranking Member Petersen in the House, in moving bipartisan Farm Bill proposals forward. In the end, the strongest Farm Bill will be one that fully protects the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and its education component, SNAP-Ed.

“We strongly support initiatives in the Senate Agriculture Committee's bill (S. 954) that protect SNAP-Ed and increase access to healthy foods.  We're disappointed that it includes $4.1 billion in cuts to SNAP.

“PHI opposes the House farm bill (H.R. 1947), which proposes a devastating $21 billion in reductions to SNAP benefit levels and would push some low-income households off the program entirely. The House bill also cuts SNAP-Ed by $274 million: This would leave thousands of low-income children and adults without access to vital nutrition education services, from the classroom to the community, services that help low-income families use their SNAP dollars more efficiently and make healthier food choices.

“We urge Congress to continue to protect the vital role that SNAP and SNAP-Ed play in feeding our families and oppose any cuts or compromises that come at the expense of our poorest and hungriest Americans."