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PHI Joins Global Women’s Leadership Network to Launch Brainstorm Challenge to Advance Equity for Women and Girls

May 01, 2013

SILICON VALLEY, CA, – Global Women’s Leadership Network (GWLN), the Public Health Institute and other partners are launching a Brainstorm Challenge to crowdsource new ideas on how to radically accelerate the development of leadership capacity in women and girls around the globe. The Brainstorm Challenge will run from May 1-31 and $500 prizes will be awarded to the top two solvers who offer the best ideas to address the Challenge questions.

There is a growing recognition that there can be no peace, security or sustainable economic development without women’s equal participation in all spheres of society.

“We believe this vision of gender equity can be achieved by building an active, collaborative alliance of interested parties”, states Linda Alepin, GWLN Board Chair. “We see a web-based global platform that can enable women leaders to come together and interact for the purpose of instituting real changes in the lives of their communities.”

Alepin continues, “Through the Brainstorm Challenge, we can embark on a multi-year large-scale systemic change initiative to create a dramatically different future for women and girls worldwide.” Founded in 2004, GWLN is a non-profit leadership development and community resource for women leaders worldwide. The global network represents 160 graduates who work in over 40 countries, many in developing areas of the world.

GWLN is partnering with a stellar list of organizations that strive for equal participation of women. They include Global Fund for Women, Global Leadership Advancement Center and SJSU Salzburg Program at San Jose State University, Mills College, Monterey Institute for International Studies, Public Health Institute and World Pulse.

"Now is our chance to change the world, to shift the earth on its axis and to put women, women’s rights, choices - and resources - front and center of global development. It is about committing to making the world a safer place for women, children – for all people” remarks Dr. Musimbi Kanyaro. Global Fund for Women, President and CEO.

The Brainstorm Challenge is administered by InnoCentive, a global leader in crowdsourcing innovative solutions to important business, social, policy, scientific and technical challenges. Learn more about GWLN and this initiative.