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May 13, 2015 | Justin Rausa & Kristania De Leon

Support AB 1321 Today
Your voice matters in policymaking, but you can’t be heard unless you speak up! We invite you to join others, including the Public Health Institute’s Roots of Change, who are asking the California state legislature to create a statewide Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Program. Click here to take action now.

This statewide program would double the value of nutrition benefits (also called SNAP, food stamps or CalFresh) when beneficiaries purchase fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets and qualified small businesses with the support of federal matching dollars. CalFresh participants get more healthy food, local farmers get a boost, and small businesses see more sales: everybody wins.

We need as many Californians to email in their support by May 22nd. It only takes two minutes, so please add your voice, and don't forget to share it with your networks, too.

ENACT Day 2015

In supporting the bill, you'll be joining the many advocates who participated in ENACT Day 2015. On May 6th, Californians from all corners of the state came together in Sacramento to lend their voices and experiences toward building a state where access to healthy food and safe places for physical activity are available to everyone. ENACT Nutrition and Physical Activity Day is an annual event that brings community leaders together to educate their representatives about state and local issues that matter most to them. Through capacity building, education and hands-on experience, ENACT Day demonstrates the power of engaging and mobilizing the public to elevate opportunities for the successes we all strive for – safe, thriving and equitable neighborhoods in all California communities.

This is what brings California Convergence (Convergence) to ENACT year after year, and why Convergence members support the Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Program. Convergence’s Coordinating Office, a project of the Public Health Institute, supports a network of community organizations, government entities, advocacy groups and resident leaders, including youth, who work together to promote, lead and advocate for healthier communities across the state. Convergence activates its vast network to support community-driven policy change, because we believe that fairness in the policy process leads to healthier people and stronger communities. The change we seek cannot and should not happen without the voices and expertise of Californians, and supporting events that bring residents into discussions with advocates and policy-makers is one step toward making these essential paradigm shifts a reality. ENACT Day reminds us that our neighbors want to share their ideas, voice their concerns and learn about the policy process.

This year, Convergence members got to mobilize at ENACT Day in support of AB 1321. Increasingly, Convergence resident leaders have raised concerns around how to increase access to markets and points of sale that offer healthy, fresh produce. The bill’s author, Assemblymember Phil Ting from San Francisco, came to ENACT Day to rally the group before participants were trained on three other key prevention issue areas and how to run a legislative visit. One ENACT participant from San Diego underscored the need for the Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Program as the daughter of a farming family that sells their produce at farmers’ markets in her community and others with high numbers of EBT recipients.

Take Action

Many people shared their stories with legislators and staff during ENACT Day, which helps to make a powerful impact. But, events like ENACT Day or capitol visits at California Food Policy Council statewide meetings should only be the start to continued policy decisions between community members and their state representatives. Most Assemblymembers and Senators spend their Fridays in the district, a standing opportunity to ensure your voice is heard in the district office. 

But right now, you can keep the momentum going today! Here's how: 


This May, advocates from all across California gathered in Sacramento to learn about and support state policies to promote healthy eating and active living:

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This week’s Capitol Update brought to you jointly by Justin from PHI's Roots of Change and Kristania from PHI's California Convergence.