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Dianne Barker, MHS

Dianne C. Barker runs a Los Angeles-based consulting firm and serves as a principal investigator on several evaluation projects at PHI. The firm, Barker Bi-Coastal Health Consultants (BBHC), specializes in developing and reviewing program initiatives, designing evaluations and conducting survey research for public health philanthropies, community-based organizations and government agencies.

Before establishing BBHC in 1996, Barker spent seven years in philanthropy, overseeing health services research, program evaluations and public health grant making. During her tenure at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), she was responsible for overseeing public health-related evaluations as well as co-developing the first RWJF program addressing nicotine treatment.

In addition to chairing the National Advisory Committee for Smoke-Free Families, Barker is a senior advisor to the National Dissemination Office. She is a co-principal investigator of RWJF's National Evaluation of the Turning Point Program (public health infrastructure changes), and the Assessing Youth Smoking Cessation survey project. Barker also served as the principal investigator of the Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program's Exploring Tobacco Dependence Treatment on California College Campuses; a co-investigator on the National Cancer Institute's Business Practices and Minors' Access to Tobacco project; and a senior member of two other RWJF evaluations focusing on tobacco and health care access.

Bridging the Gap 2014

PHI supports the Bridging the Gap project at the University of Illinois, Chicago, by conducting ongoing review of state-of-the-research on community policy and environmental measures of healthy eating and active living and development of research briefs and other policy-relevant materials.



Bridging the Gap: Community Obesity Measures Project

Sponsored by the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), PHI is collaborating with the UIC Bridging the Gap Community Obesity Measures team to pilot and oversee the development of fieldwork collecting community measures (observational and policy), and to develop systems for data collection and data entry of the data gathered.

Bridging the Gap: Community Obesity Measures Project

PHI is a subcontractor to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Bridging the Gap program. This nationally recognized research program aims to improve understanding of how policies and environmental factors affect diet, physical activity and obesity among youth as well as youth tobacco use. A PHI investigator oversees the Community Obesity Measures Project data collection efforts and coordinates analysis pertaining to this effort.


Chicago Tobacco Flavor Ban Evaluation

PHI is working with University of Illinois at Chicago and the Research Triangle Institute to provide scientific expertise to the implementation the process and outcomes evaluation plan of the Chicago tobacco product flavor ban. For the evaluation plan, PHI oversees retail store observational data collection and analysis; provides input into merchant interview and youth focus group guides, data collection and analyses; and partners in collaborating with the Chicago Department of Public Health to obtain data on the flavored tobacco ban policy.