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Erica Jones, MPH


Erica C. Jones is the executive director of the Center on Disability at PHI and has served as director of the Pacific Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center (Pacific ADA Center) since 1991.

The Pacific ADA Center is one of 10 regional centers that provide information, referrals, training, consultation and technical assistance to businesses, state and local governments, and the disability community about their responsibilities and rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Center on Disability houses several disability-related projects sponsored by the federal government (including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) as well as state, county and private entities.

Jones has evaluated projects and national model programs with the Rehabilitation Services Administration, the Department of Education, university systems and nonprofit agencies. As director of public affairs for the President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, she conducted a national public affairs program working closely with government entities, the Administration, the U.S. Congress and the public. She serves on several boards of directors, advisory boards and disability-related committees.

Jones received her BA from the University of Pennsylvania and completed all coursework toward an MEd in rehabilitation counseling. She obtained her MPH from the University of Hawaii, graduating magna cum laude.

Community and Work Participation Disparities: A Program of the ADA Participatory Action Research Consortium

The Pacific ADA Center, under a subaward agreement with The Institute for Rehabilitation Research (TIRR), will coordinate with the participating ADA Centers to collect data and assist with data analysis and development of indicators of community and work participation disparities for people with disabilities. The Pacific ADA Center will also disseminate the findings back to the community.

Pacific ADA Center

The three goals for the Pacific ADA Center are to improve: 1) understanding regarding rights and responsibilities and implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act; 2) understanding of ADA stakeholders' needs for, and receipt of, Region IX services over time; and 3) the efficiency and effectiveness of ADA information dissemination, awareness and referral activities.

Pacific ADA Center Research Progam

The Pacific ADA Center is incorporating a high-quality, scientifically based research program into the center's existing dissemination, training and technical assistance efforts. This will generate new data and models that can inform the disability field, especially in the area of employment, while enhancing the center's service and support activities.


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