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Josie Ramos, MA

Principal Investigator

Josie Ramos is a founding member of PHI's Rise Up. In addition, she is the principal investigator for GOJoven's 2012-15 Summit Educational Scholarship Fund, which supports youth health leaders' educational goals. She is also the program manager for the GOJoven Belize Pilot Program funded by the Summit Foundation.

Josie has a master's degree in literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a bachelor's degree with honors from Stanford University. She is a certified sex educator at San Francisco Sex Information, where she volunteers. She has served on PHI's Institutional Review Board for more than five years.

Economic Empowerment Strategies for Adolescent Girls (2013)

This report by PHI's Let Girls Lead provides a needed policy analysis of economic empowerment programs for adolescent girls in the Gl...

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