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Theresa Boschert, JD

Theresa Boschert, JD, is program director of WIN - Wellness Initiatives Now. Since 1997, Boschert has directed competitively reviewed and funded tobacco education and control programs for the California Department of Public Health - Tobacco Control Program and for the Sacramento County Chronic Disease Program. In addition to designing and conducting educational and strategic seminars on tobacco control policies for California law enforcement officers and legislative leaders on the implementation of the California Smoke-Free Workplace Act (Labor Code Section 6404.5), Boschert specialized in promoting the adoption and implementation of policies that reduce exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke in federally funded public housing, tribal casinos and retail entryways in Northern California.

Before her tobacco control work, Boschert was executive director and lobbyist for the California Women Lawyer's Association and in private law practice specializing in labor law and estate planning. She served as a Governor's Appointee to the Tobacco Education, Research, and Oversight Committee between 2000 and 2006. Boschert is a member of the Montana Bar Association, American Public Health Association-Law Division and the California State Rural Health Association.

Boschert holds a bachelor of arts degree in English from Montana State University at Billings, and a juris doctorate from Indiana University School of Law.

WIN – Wellness Initiatives Now


The WIN Project aims to achieve three tobacco control, policy-related objectives:  1) adoption and implementation of indoor no-smoking policy prohibiting smoking in at least 75% of units in multi-unit housing complexes under the jurisdiction of the Sacramento County Public Housing Authority Commission;  2) adoption and implementation of a voluntary policy by the Consolidated Auburn Indian Community to eliminate smoking in the Thunder Valley Casino in Placer County; and  3) adoption of voluntary policies to establish smoke-free entryways at 25 businesses in low income neighborhoods of Sacramento City and County.

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