UPDATE: On May 18, the Farm Bill failed to pass in the House—a win for Americans across the country who count on SNAP and SNAP-Ed to provide healthy food for their families. Thank you to everyone who called, tweeted and emailed your representatives.


May 15, 2018

Last week, many of you took action to prevent harmful cuts to the SNAP program in the House’s federal Farm Bill. Thank you. The House vote is scheduled for this week and right now it still has enough votes to pass—but just barely. We need all of you to keep pushing for your representatives to vote NO on HR 2.

Across the country, 40 million low-income people rely on SNAP benefits (food stamps) to get food on the table—and 4.4 million of them are here in California. The House bill would make it much harder to apply for and access SNAP benefits (called CalFresh in California). It slashes SNAP benefits for 2 million Americans and cuts more than $30 million from California’s SNAP-Education program, which helps families incorporate healthy food options into their meals. 1 out of every 11 working families in California needs SNAP to make ends meet. They need you to speak up today for a Farm Bill that makes states like California healthier and stronger.



Here’s what YOU CAN tell them:

  • SNAP helps working families. In California, 1 in 11 working families depends on SNAP to get healthy food on the table.
  • SNAP-Ed helps families eat healthier. HR 2 cuts more than $30 million in California that goes to programs helping low-income families make healthier food choices.
  • SNAP helps people get on their feet. In California, SNAP keeps more than 800,000 people out of poverty, including nearly 400,000 children.
  • SNAP helps families in between jobs. More than 80% of people using SNAP work in the year before or the year after receiving SNAP support.


Priority legislators in California

It's especially critical that Representatives Denham (CA-10) and Valadao (CA-21) hear from their constituents. If you or your networks are in their districts, please contact them now.


Stay involved and spread the word:




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