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10 Years Rising: Celebrating a Decade of Global Impact for Girls, Youth, and Women

2020 | Download

Tawina Jane Kopa-Kamanga“I work in a community where the average age of marriage for girls is fourteen. My mission is to create as many female leaders as I can by channeling opportunities and resources to rural girls and women. I am raising an army of girls and women equipped with knowledge, resources, and power who are ready to transform their lives and become social change agents. Rise Up helped me to grow my work by training me in advocacy and leadership, connecting me with like-minded people, providing a seed grant for my work, and Rise Up has stayed by my side all along the way.” 
- Tawina Jane Kopa-Kamanga, Malawi, Rise Up Leader since 2011

PHI's Rise Up activates girls, youth, and women to transform their lives, families, and communities for a more just and equitable world by strengthening leadership, investing in local solutions, and building movements.

Rise Up began in 2009 as a small and scrappy team with a big vision to create change—and for the past decade, they've been inspiring girls, youth, and women to transform their lives, families and communities for a more and just equitable world. Today, they've grown into a powerful global network with over 640 Rise Up Leaders in 17 countries, and togehter have advocated for 120 laws and policies impacting 135 million people in Africa, Latin America, South Asia, and the U.S.

Read the full 2019 External Evaluation Report.


Rise Up identifies and invests in visionary local leaders—providing the tools, training, funding, networks, and resources they need to expand their impact. The external evaluation found that:

  • 94% of Rise Up Leaders report gaining knowledge in girls’ empowerment, advocacy, and leadership
  • 96% feel that being part of Rise Up positively impacted them professionally
  • 94% say Rise Up has been useful in connecting them to networks of funders, government officials, and other leaders
  • 87% see Rise Up’s support as crucial to enabling them to work at their full capacity
  • 91% currently hold a leadership position


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