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Concept Paper: The California Alliance for Funding Prevention

2016 | Download

The California Alliance for Funding Prevention was convened in May 2015 by the Public Health Institute and partners to advocate for sustainable funding for prevention in California. It seeks substantive new funding to support prevention strategies, particularly non-clinical, upstream primary prevention that is not currently reimbursed, including the creation of a statewide Wellness Fund to support proven policy and environmental interventions as well as innovative initiatives to reduce rates of preventable health conditions and their associated costs and inequity. 

Read the concept paper to learn more about the California Alliance for Funding Prevention.

Proposed goals of the alliance

The creation of funding streams to:

  • Ensure that all Californians are able to achieve optimal, equitable health regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, or place or residence.
  • Build a culture of health in California, especially through upstream prevention.
  • Address key risk factors for chronic disease, including social deteminants of health.
  • Empower local action.
  • Secure the financial sustainability and California-based control of primary prevention funds.