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Fact Sheet: Highlights from the Remote Patient Monitoring Position Paper

2010 | Download

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) technologies have been shown to be effective in helping to manage chronic disease, postacute care, and monitoring the safety of the older adult population.

RPM technologies can help older adults slow the progression of chronic disease and ensure continued recovery after being discharged from an acute care setting. RPM has the potential to help the large number of older adults that are challenged by chronic and acute illnesses and/or injuries.

Created by PHI's Center for Technology and Aging, this fact sheet explores:

  • Why RPM is a unique and important opportunity to improve health outcomes for older adult populations
  • How RPM can be used for chronic disease management, preventing hospital readmissions, and post-acute care
  • Using RPM for patient safety monitoring and injuries
  • How the Center for Technology and Aging is advancing RPM technology and research through current initiatives

Download the fact sheet.