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Funding Prevention in California: Lessons from Past Efforts to Raise Revenues

2009 | Download

The research is clear: Where people live, work, and play—the food and physical activity environment—is one of the most important elements determining whether they will be healthy or not. When it comes to prevention, the question isn't what works, but rather: How can we pay for what we know will create healthy environments? 

In this report, Prevention Institute and PHI's Berkeley Media Studies Group examine whether past efforts to raise revenues in the realms of alcohol, tobacco, and lead paint might hold promise in the realm of food and activity.

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To understand the lessons of these efforts and determine whether they hold promise in the realm of food and activity, Prevention Institute and Berkeley Media Studies Group have gathered and synthesized information about past efforts and examined selected news coverage about those efforts. The brief also presents six case studies of those efforts and an analysis of news coverage of three California attempts to raise taxes or attach a fee to junk food or soda.



Prevention Institute: Juliet Sims, Sana Chehimi, Leslie Mikkelsen | Berkeley Media Studies Group: Eliana Bukofzer, Lori Dorfman

Produced through PHI's:

Berkeley Media Studies Group