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Stores Take a Stand for Community Health


Stores Take a Stand for Community Health from Elizabeth Emerson on Vimeo.

What happens to stores when their owners decide to stop selling tobacco products and unhealthy foods and beverages like alcopops? Independent filmmakers Elizabeth Emerson and Theo Tsoukalas decided to find out in this short, impactful mini-documentary about store owners who recognized their responsibility to their community’s health and chose health over profit.

In this video, Emerson interviews the owners of two independent grocery store chains who made these decisions. They also refuse to sell any electronic smoking devices in spite of intense pressure from distributors. As a result of their efforts to stop selling these products, the stores received letters from grateful customers and one was even honored in the Congressional Report. And their profits soared as a result for opting for health! These stores’ actions have already led other stores to follow suit to stop selling unhealthy addictive products.