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The 2015 California Food Policy Council Report on Legislation Related to Food and Farming

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The 2015 CAFPC Report on Legislation Related to Food and Farming, released by the California Food Policy Council (CAFPC) and Roots of Change, reveals the 2015 food and farm policy votes of California’s 120 elected state legislators. The report illustrates how, despite some progress on food and agriculture issues, the Legislature continues to miss most opportunities to pass bills that will actually have the greatest impact on the people most harmed by the challenges connected to California’s food and farming system. Wages remain low for food and farm workers, healthy fresh produce is more expensive, sugary beverages are overly consumed and the impacts of climate change are least addressed for those most at risk from heat, water shortages and poor water quality.

Created by 17 local food policy councils and 16 key nonprofits or advocates that form the CAFPC’s Food Policy Work Group, this report represents a uniquely unified perspective from a large number of constituencies representing the diversity of California: rural and urban, conservative and progressive, affluent and low-income. In order for the state to achieve significant policy reform their must exist a broad and active base of Californians from north to south and east to west, who are determined to push their legislators toward positive change.  

Download the full report.

About the California Food Policy Council (CAFPC): The CAFPC is comprised of 29 local food policy councils from across the state. The CAFPC represents diverse food system stakeholders that develop and promote statewide policies and practices that produce healthy, safe, human and abundant food in ways that protect our environment and ensure the prosperity of our workers, farms, and food businesses. Learn more at rootsofchange.org.

About Roots of Change: Roots of Change is a ‘think and do tank’ developing road maps to victory for the food movement. Since 2002, ROC has been a critical resource for food system reformers, creating large and unprecedented collaborations between agriculture and NGOs, community organizations and policy experts. Since 2012, ROC has served as the backbone of the California Food Policy Council, a statewide collaboration of 45 diverse regions and food system reform groups, that believe sound food and farm policy is key to promoting healthy and resilient communities. ROC is a program of the Public Health Institute. Learn more at rootsofchange.org.


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