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Trends in Alcohol’s Harms to Others (AHTO) and Co-occurrence of Family-Related AHTO: The Four US National Alcohol Surveys, 2000–2015

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PHI Alcohol Research Group researchers Thomas K. Greenfield, Katherine Karriker-Jaffe, Lauren Kaplan and William C. Kerr, along with Sharon C. Wilsnack of the University of North Dakota, recently published work that assessed data from four National Alcohol Surveys to look at depression and alcohol's harms to others (AHTO) such as difficulties with family, finances, assault and vandalism.

Study authors found a significant upward trend from 2000 to 2015 for financial troubles from others drinkers. In 2015, depression and/or anxiety were strongly associated with exposures to a number of harms and combinations of harms resulting from a drinking spouse or partner and/or other family members.

The results shed new light on 15-year trends of harms from other drinkers and associations of such harms with personal characteristics.

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