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Working together: Policy Systems & Environmental Change for Community Health

Through its over 700 staff, 200 projects and 100 principal investigators, the Public Health Institute addresses emerging public health issues and solutions and tackles the most significant public health challenges of our time.

By partnering with PHI, organizations, foundations and agencies have the opportunity to bring this expertise to their projects. Depending on your project structure and goals, PHI can support your vision by working with you as a partner, subcontractor, technical assistance provider or consultant. 


Led by an experienced and dynamic central management team, Public Health Institute provides infrastructure, coordination and support to some of the best and most creative thinkers in the field of public health. Since its inception in 1964, PHI has overseen an impressive array of projects ranging from individual grants to large, multi-year, multi-site programs with national and international impact.

PHI has decades of experience bringing multiple and varied stakeholders together to support population-based policy, systems & environmental change strategy development, including our pioneering statewide Health in all Policies work and our multi-county community transformation grant implementation.

PHI’s multi-disciplinary team provides specialized expertise—from creating new partnerships, to navigating relationships between governmental, private sector and non-profit teams, to building community consensus and will for healthy changes—all based on best practices and science-based strategies.

Let PHI help you identify and successfully implement strategies that are tailored to optimize the health and meet the needs of your community.



  • Comprehensive program planning, design and implementation
  • Tailored Policy, Systems & Environmental change strategy development  
  • Customized trainings and workshops, both web-based and in-person
  • Culturally and linguistically competent public health approaches
  • Partnership development/leveraging of resources and meeting funder match requirements 
  • Evaluation design, consultation and study implementation
  • Budgeting and program development
  • Needs assessments/data support
  • Community mobilization/engagement strategy
  • Communications planning, messaging and implementation


Strategic experience

Tobacco-free living • Place-based healthy eating and active living •Safe and active transportation • Enhanced clinical-community linkages and chronic disease management • Built environment and regional planning • Public-private partnerships • Access to healthy foods and beverages • Healthy cities • Health in All Policies • Community health needs assessment • Building health equity


What we can accomplish, together

Develop, implement and evaluate community programs and policies for environmental and systems change in tobacco, nutrition, and physical activity PHI's experience ranges from small rural counties to large urban settings, from public procurement standards, reduction of sugary beverage consumption, to multi-unit housing or other tobacco initiatives to physical activity promoting community design.

Support improvements in chronic disease prevention and management PHI can link your prevention efforts to better care and wellness, through hypertension and diabetes registries, quality improvement, diabetes prevention program, and extended team management including community health workers.


Develop and implement targeted, culturally relevant initiatives PHI creates policy, systems and environmental change programming,  trainings, and multi-channel social marketing campaigns designed to support low-income Latino, African American, Asian, Pacific Islander and American Indian/Alaskan Native populations, as well as tweens and teens, people with disabilities, LGBTQ low-income and rural populations. 

Promote Health in All Policies PHI provides technical support for Health in All Policies initiatives. Health in All Policies is a collaborative approach to improving the health of all people by incorporating health considerations into decision-making across sectors and policy areas, to ensure that all decision-makers are informed about the health consequences of various policy options during the policy development process.


Deliver expert media, communications and marketing services This includes: media advocacy, story-telling, media planning, creative development,  formative research, evaluation/pretesting of messages and materials, program branding, strategic messaging and framing, advertising campaigns, public relations and media spokesperson trainings. 

Make data meaningful and actionable Public Health Data Solutions (PHDS) combines PHI’s expertise in improving health outcomes at the population level with powerful online technology. We offer custom data solutions for health departments, hospitals and others that translate data into action.


Create school wellness promotion programs PHI works with schools, communities and farmers to implement nutrition standards, physical activity promotion, safe routes to school and more, incorporating well-tested methods for parent and student engagement.


Design and implement worksite wellness programs PHI has partnered with over 200 worksites to introduce nutrition and physical activity education and positive environmental changes, with a focus on low-wages industries like agriculture, manufacturing, hospitality and retail. 

Engage the food retail industry to improve access to healthy foods Over 800 retailers have partnered with PHI to reach low-income consumers through merchandising, food sampling, store tours and environmental strategies. 


Develop, produce and disseminate your work PHI's award-winning materials, web forums and production platforms target a diverse group of consumers and intermediaries, including low-literacy and non-English speaking audiences. PHI can help you develop print, audio, video, and digital products, and disseminate them to targeted audiences through on- and offline channels.

Create new technology-based initiatives Increase reach and visibility of your work through text messaging, infographics, video, online training modules and web forums, and social media campaigns. 

Develop partnerships with government, non-profit and for-profit groups PHI's team has facilitated large statewide collaborative groups of over 150 members, as well as smaller, action-oriented teams. 


Offer evaluation expertise ranging from large-scale, formal outcome evaluation studies to small-scale, lower-budget program evaluation We maintain specialized expertise in impact/outcome evaluation, evaluation of  pilot projects and program efficacy. 
Provide expert consultation for large tobacco, nutrition and physical activity consumer surveys and voter polls PHI has provided leadership for California’s biennial surveys of children, teens and adults for over 15 years, and has implemented statewide polling on voter attitudes towards a range of environmental change strategies. 


Develop process evaluation data collection systems PHI can help you ensure consistent data collection across a wide variety of programs and contractors. 
For more information on working with PHI, please email us at opportunities@phi.org.

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