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Food Security

From Farm to Every Fork: Rewriting the Narrative on Urban Agriculture in Sacramento (2018)

Advocates and residents in Sacramento are using a combination of policy change, community power-building, and strategic communication to make ...

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California Food Policy Council 2016 Report on Legislation Related to Food and Farming & 2016 California Food and Agriculture Legislator Scorecard (2016)

Now that 2016 is winding down, in what ways has California advanced good farm and food policies, and where are there still areas for improvement? W...

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Climate and Health Posters (2016)

What does climate change have to do with allergies, heart health, heat-related diseases, asthma and our food? Created by PHI's Center ...

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Farm To Table Talk with Michael Dimock (2016)

Michael Dimock, MA, director of PHI's Roots of Change, joins Rodger Wasson, a podcaster and food and agriculture reporter for this conversation...

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Making Food Systems Part of Your Community Health Needs Assessment (2016)

Practical Guidance from the Tackling Hunger Project Community health needs assessments (CHNAs) are conducted every three years by nonprofit hos...

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Podcast: Sacramento Foodtank Summit with Michael Dimock (2016)

Featured on Insight with Beth Ruyak, Michael Dimock is the President of PHI's Roots of Change and dedicated to advancing the slow food mov...

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SNAP-Ed Strategies & Interventions: An Obesity Prevention Toolkit for States (2016)

In January 2016, the USDA Food and Nutrition Service released the latest update of SNAP-Ed Strategies & Interventions: An Obesity Prevention To...

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Stores Take a Stand for Community Health (2016)

Stores Take a Stand for Community Health from Elizabeth Emerson on Vimeo. What happens to stores when their owners decide to stop selling ...

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The Relationship Between Food Insecurity and Overweight/Obesity Differs by Birthplace and Length of US Residence (2016)

The longer immigrant women reside in the United States, the greater the chances that food insecurity will affect obesity, according to this study b...

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10 Steps to Setting Up a School Fruit and Vegetable Stand (2015)

How to increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables in small rural communities in the Central Valley—and beyond Numerous studies show t...

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The 2015 California Food Policy Council Report on Legislation Related to Food and Farming (2015)

The 2015 CAFPC Report on Legislation Related to Food and Farming, released by the California Food Policy Council (CAFPC) and Ro...

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Market Match: SNAPing Up Benefits for Farmers & Shoppers (2014)

Maximizing CalFresh Usage at Farmers Markets Through Incentives PHI's Roots of Change (ROC) conceived the California Market Match Consortiu...

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Community Gardens: The New Victory Gardens in a Public Crusade (2013)

Community gardens have long been a recognized strategy to address food shortages. From the victory gardens that supported war efforts and fed ...

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Low-Income Californians with Access to Produce in Their Home, School, Work, and Community Environments Eat More Fruits and Vegetables (2013)

With fruit and vegetable intake being a clear indicator of eating healthy foods, having adequate access to quality and affordable fruits and vegeta...

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A Place to Grow: Nutritious food, better health, stronger communities (2012)

Obesity and diet-related chronic diseases have become severe economic and health threats to both adults and children, increasing the cost of health...

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Food Security Status and the Prevalence of Diet-Related Chronic Diseases Among California Women (2012)

This report uses data from the 2009 California Women's Health Survey to examine the association between food insecurity and diet-related chroni...

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California Hispanic Women's Fruit and Vegetable Consumption by Years in the United States, 2007 (2011)

A brief on the results of the 2007 California Women's Health Survey highlights its finding that years in the U.S. is not a associated with a de...

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California Women's Diet Quality by Household Food Security Status, 2007 (2011)

A brief on the results of the 2007 California Women's Health Survey's examination of the relationship between women's household food se...

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Community Food Security Coalition Recommendations for Food Systems Policy in Seattle (2011)

A food system is the set of economic activities that encompasses production, transformation (processing, packaging, labeling), distribution (wholes...

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Health of California Women Receiving Food Stamps, 2006-2007 (2011)

A brief on the results of the 2007 California Women's Health Survey highlights that 75 percent of the adult heads of households receiving food ...

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Roadmap to Improving Food and Physical Activity Environments: Tips and Tools for Community Change - 2nd Edition (2011)

For a long time, strategies to prevent or reduce obesity and to increase healthy eating and physical activity have focused on individuals—tea...

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Understanding Nutrition: A Primer on Programs and Policies in California (2nd Edition) (2011)

Welcome to the updated edition of Understanding Nutrition: A Primer on Programs and Policies in California. Now an online resource, this primer&mda...

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Changing Lives, Saving Lives (2010)

A Step-by-Step Guide To Developing Exemplary Practices in Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Food Security in Afterschool Programs Helping s...

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