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Much of PHI’s work is done in collaboration with other organizations. All of the publications and resources available here were produced through PHI programs.

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Measurement Across Sectors: Common Indicators for the Social Determinants of Health (2019)

In this academic article published in Social Science and Medicine – Population Health, PHI's Build Healthy Places Network explores w...

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The California Healthy Places Index (2018)

The California Healthy Places Index (HPI), a resource developed by the Public Health Alliance of Southern California, is a powerful new tool t...

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Beyond the Traffic Report: The News about Road Safety and Vision Zero in San Francisco (2017)

One traffic-related death is too many. That is the premise on which Vision Zero—an international movement rooted in collaboration across sect...

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Advancing the Health of Communities and Populations: A Vital Direction for Health and Health Care (2016)

We have a long way to go to strengthen the public health system to provide adequate protection for communities. Dollar for dollar our health care e...

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Understanding Nutrition: A Primer on Programs and Policies in California (2nd Edition) (2011)

Welcome to the updated edition of Understanding Nutrition: A Primer on Programs and Policies in California. Now an online resource, this primer&mda...

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Understanding CalWORKS: A Primer for Service Providers and Policymakers (2nd Edition) (2010)

Created by PHI's California Center for Research on Women & Families, this primer provides an in-depth orientation to California's welfa...

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Case Study: In Hayward, It Takes a Transit Village - Mixed Use for an Aging Community (2009)

A case study of the Hayward, Calif., development of a housing transit village that promotes neighborliness and ease of access for all residents, es...

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Understanding the Child Welfare System in California: A Primer for Service Providers and Policymakers (2nd Edition) (2009)

Since the release of the 1st edition of this primer, California’s child welfare system has moved to an outcomes-based approach; and state and...

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Three in Four Voters Favor Law to Guarantee Paid Sick Days to All Workers in California (2008)

A statewide survey conducted for PHI's California Center for Research on Women and Families  finds that by a 73% to 23% margin v...

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