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Much of PHI’s work is done in collaboration with other organizations. All of the publications and resources available here were produced through PHI programs.

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Strategic Planning

Public Health Data Solutions Overview (2012)

Data is the foundation of sound decision making, especially when tackling complex health issues. Organizations have literally hundreds of thousands...

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Regression Analysis and Causal Inference: Cause for Concern? Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (2012)

This Viewpoints article from Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health provides a critical review of the uses and misuses of regression analys...

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Preparing for the Retirement Boom: Aging Populations (2011)

As baby boomers start retiring in large numbers, this important demographic shift will create significant consequences, both good and bad for local...

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Multipurpose Prevention Technologies for Sexual and Reproductive Health: Gaining Momentum and Promise (2010)

In this editorial, MPT SRH leaders extoll the benefits of about the multipurpose prevention technologies for sexual and reproductive health and pro...

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California Convergence: Promise and Progress in Building a Movement (2009)

In June 2008, a group of community leaders from across California came together to imagine a healthier state: a place where all residents have acce...

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California's Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan: Progress Report 2009 (2009)

Cancer mortality from all malignant tumors has significantly declined since 1998. Based on current projections, California will observe a 15% reduc...

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Chevron and Jhpiego Working in Partnership to Improve Health in Indonesia (2009)

Re-establishing and Sustaining Reproductive Health Care in Aceh after the Tsunami A partnership between Chevron and Jhpiego, an international h...

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Community Benefit Planning Handbook (2008)

Strengthening Commitment to Mission A community benefit plan is a document, usually produced in conjunction with the health care organization&r...

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Working together: Policy Systems & Environmental Change for Community Health

Through its over 700 staff, 200 projects and 100 principal investigators, the Public Health Institute addresses emerging public health issues and s...

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