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Communications & Social Marketing

Strong messaging is integral to creating strategic, effective, and clear public health campaigns. Public Health Institute can help you develop print, audio, video, and digital products, and create targeted campaigns to ensure that messages are heard by your target audiencesboth on- and off-line, and across multiple languages.

Our programs bring skilled expertise in program branding, advertising campaigns, strategic messaging, message framing and media analysis, social media strategy development, public relations, and trainings in media advocacy and spokesperson coaching. Our award-winning materials, web forums, and production platforms target a diverse group of global consumers and intermediaries, including youth, and low-literacy and non-English speaking audiences.

Our expertise includes:

  • Content development, production and dissemination: PHI's award-winning materials, web forums and production platforms target a diverse group of consumers and intermediaries, including low-literacy and non-English speaking audiences. PHI can help you develop print, audio, video, and digital products, and disseminate them to targeted audiences through on- and offline channels.
  • Creating new technology-based initiativesIncrease reach and visibility of your work through text messaging, infographics, video, online training modules and web forums, and social media campaigns.
  • Development and implementation of targeted, culturally-relevant initiatives: PHI creates policy, systems and environmental change programming,  trainings, and multi-channel social marketing campaigns designed to support low-income Latino, African American, Asian, Pacific Islander and American Indian/Alaskan Native populations, as well as tweens and teens, people with disabilities, LGBTQ low-income and rural populations. We also offer specific expertise in transforming public health practice to eliminating health inequities, using a broad spectrum of approaches that create healthy communities. 
  • Web forum hostingOur online communications network, Dialogue4Health, has hosted hundreds of web forums, for thousands of participants, on a wide variety of health, public health and other issues. You decide the issue; they will host, facilitate and organize the forum, including sharing it with their engaged audience of twenty thousand previous participants, helping build your visibility and network.

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Amy DeLisio

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Carmen Nevarez

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Center for Wellness and Nutrition

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Here's How We're Making a Difference

Harnessing Data to Drive Change

PHI’s Build Healthy Places Network catalyzes and supports collaboration across the health and community development sectors to improve health in low-income communities. MeasureUp, a microsite of resources and tools curated by the Build Healthy Places Network, helps practitioners make the case for the impact of neighborhood investments on community health and well-being—without having to become an economist.

Explore MeasureUp.


Helping Youth Speak Up

PHI's Berkeley Media Studies Group (BMSG) helped a group of committed young people from Fresno become more effective spokespeople for reducing school dropout rates, an issue the youth had worked on for years. The group wanted to change the local school district's harsh discipline policies, which drove up suspensions and expulsions and eroded trust. BMSG taught the young advocates how to effectively frame and develop messages for their issue in advance of a hearing before the Fresno Unified School District.

After the young people testified, the district approved an alternative approach to discipline, promising to dedicate a portion of its budget to reiterative justice programs that replace punitive measures with conflict resolution and, ultimately, help keep kids in school.

Power Play! Social Media Campaign

Photo by Tim Wagner/HEACThe Children’s Power Play! Campaign, a research-proven social marketing campaign by PHI’s Network for a Healthy California (now the Center for Wellness and Nutrition), reached 500,000 low-income California children a year and improved attitudes about eating fruits and vegetables and staying physically active.