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Leadership Development

Today's public health challenges are complex, rapidly evolving, and call for a new approach to leadership development—one that advances health by increasing the capacity of leaders to transcend boundaries, work collaboratively, and transform their communities.

From Africa to India, California high schools to business and private-sector employees, the Public Health Institute is committed to developing a growing cadre of leaders from diverse backgrounds, who will work across sectors and disciplines to advance health and health equity. We offer skilled expertise in developing local, state, national, and global leadership programs, and provide in-person and online trainings to a diverse set of emerging leaders, including future healthcare providers, public health students and practitioners, local community collaboratives, and youth. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Leadership programming development: PHI staff will work with you to create a leadership development program curriculum, using best practices, new technologies, and bringing a health equity and social justice lens to the work. We specialize in developing culturally-relevant and scalable leadership models.
  • Identifying and engaging tomorrow’s public health leaders: We can help you recruit potential program participants, using strategic, targeted, and culturally-relevant marketing campaigns.
  • Creating communities of leadership and practice: PHI experts have decades of experience building public health leadership development networks, from the local to global levels. We can also help you to cultivate networks between public health leaders and other fields of expertise like urban planning, education, and transportation. 
  • Evaluating leadership development models: PHI offers ongoing and as-needed evaluation to inform program improvement.


Resources and Tools


Denise Raquel Dunning

Dr. Denise Raquel Dunning is the founder and Executive Director of Rise Up, which activates women and girls to transform their lives, families, and...

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Tomás A. Magaña

Tomás A. Magaña, M.D., M.A., F.A.A.P. founded and directs the FACES for the Future Coalition, and leads national dissemination of the...

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Carmen Nevarez

Carmen Nevarez, MD, MPH, is PHI's vice president for external relations, preventive medicine advisor and director of the Center for Health...

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Sharon Rudy

Sharon Rudy, PhD, directs the Global Health Fellows Program (GHFP) under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Agency for International Develo...

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Esther Tahrir

Esther Tahrir, MPH, is founder and director of Global Health Leaders and GOJoven International at the Public Health Institute. She also directs and...

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California Adolescent Health Collaborative

The California Adolescent Health Collaborative (CAHC) is a public-private statewide coalition with the goal of increasing understanding and support...

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California Opioid Safety Network

California Opioid Safety Network (COSN) provides support including technical assistance, coaching and customized learning opportunities to Opioid S...

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Center for Health Leadership and Practice

Today’s public health challenges are complex and rapidly evolving, and call for an innovative approach to leadership development. The mission...

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Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program

The Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program (CCROPP) began in 2005 as a model program utilizing a policy and environmental change ap...

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Cultiva La Salud

As an initiative of the Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH), Cultiva La Salud works in Fresno, Kern and Stanislaus counti...

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FACES for the Future Coalition

The FACES for the Future Coalition delivers the highly successful FACES program model to communities seeking to prepare high school students for en...

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Global Health Leaders

Global Health Leaders runs the five-year Medtronic Foundation Associates Program – a Fellowship of the Public Health Institute (PHI) funded b...

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Global Health Technical Professionals

Credence Management Solutions and Public Health Institute are partnering over five years to implement the Global Health Technical Professionals (GH...

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Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA)

The Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA) was a youth-led global network of over 800 young people and adult allies working on youth and HIV/AID...

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GOJoven International

GOJoven International is a multi-year youth development fellowship program focused on building the capacity of young leaders and their organization...

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Health Spectrum Program

Using a multi-dimensional emphasis that encompasses geographical, age, gender, socio-economic status, and race and ethnicity categories, the Health...

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PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program

The PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program, through a five year cooperative agreement with the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), provides rec...

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Rise Up

PHI’s Rise Up activates women and girls to transform their lives, families, and communities through investment in local solutions, strengthen...

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Sustaining Technical and Analytic Resources (STAR)

Sustaining Technical and Analytic Resources (STAR) is a project of the Public Health Institute (PHI) supported by the US Agency for International D...

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USAID Global Health Fellows Program II

The USAID Global Health Fellows Program II (GHFP-II), led by the Public Health Institute, seeks to improve the effectiveness of USAID's populat...

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Here's How We're Making a Difference

Accelerating Multi-Sectoral Leadership for Health

The National Leadership Academy for the Public’s Health (NLAPH) is a one-year applied leadership training program designed to build leadership capacity and strengthen multi-sector collaboration within community health initiatives across the country. Since 2012, NLAPH has trained 425 leaders from 111 teams from 41 states and territories. Over 90% of participants reported that the NLAPH model is effective and sufficient in supporting intersectoral leadership development. Most participants (97%) would recommend the program to their colleagues.

NLAPH participants are already making a difference: teams have tripled the number of underrepresented medical residents at the Medical University of South Carolina, helped pass a NYC-wide law restricting tobacco purchases for people under 21, and increased lead screening rates from 80% to 100% in New Jersey’s Burlington County.

Developing Youth Leaders for Reproductive Health

PHI’s GoJoven program develops and supports youth leaders across Latin America to advocate for sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services, resources and education in their communities. It’s estimated that 27,000 youth in Belize, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico have received better SRH education and services because of the efforts of GoJoven leaders.

In 2015, GoJoven was recognized as one of the top youth leadership development programs by the USAID-funded Leadership, Management & Governance Project.



Diversifying the Global Health Workforce

In 2015, PHI's Global Health Fellows Program II surveyed 49 global health project directors about their hiring practices. The results were published in the Annals of Global Health to highlight education gaps and the steps needed to prepare students for a successful career in global health.

Learn more with GHFP-II's Closing the Gaps infographic.