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Reproductive & Sexual Health

Giving women control over their childbearing and reproductive health gives them control over their lives. Policies and programs that support girls and women unlock economic advancement, educational opportunity and better health for communities around the globe.

PHI has worked for a half century to empower women and girls in the United States and globally, through research, advocacy and leadership programs, including evidence-based comprehensive sexuality education, advocacy, positive youth development, and organizational and professional development.

Our expertise includes:

  • Policy development and advocacy: Our staff are available to help you advocate for policies, at the local to international levels, that work to improve access to and quality of available sexual and reproductive health services and support.
  • Capacity building: Through trainings and leadership program development, PHI can help you to build the capacity of local leaders, health departments and organizations to become effective change agents in the movement.
  • Leadership program development and implementation: PHI experts launch and sustain programs that equip community members with the skills they need to become health advocates for sexual and reproductive health. We have extensive experience developing world-renowned leadership programs for women, youth, low-income populations, and communities of color. 


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Norman Constantine

Norm Constantine, PhD, is a research psychologist and methodologist who directs PHI’s Center for Research on Adolescent Health and Developmen...

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Paul English

Paul English, PhD, MPH, is state environmental epidemiologist and branch scientific advisor for the Environmental Health Investigations Branch at t...

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Tomás A. Magaña

Tomás A. Magaña, M.D., M.A., F.A.A.P. founded and directs the FACES for the Future Coalition, and leads national dissemination of the...

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Christy McCain

Christy McCain, MPH, a project director with PHI, has more than 15 years of domestic and international health experience, including survey dev...

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Carmen Nevarez

Carmen Nevarez, MD, MPH, is PHI's vice president for external relations, preventive medicine advisor and director of the Center for Health...

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Esther Tahrir

Esther Tahrir, MPH, is founder and director of Global Health Leaders and GOJoven International at the Public Health Institute. She also directs and...

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Bethany Young Holt

Bethany Young Holt, PhD, MPH is the Founder and Executive Director of CAMI Health, an organization dedicated to advancing the health of women and g...

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California Adolescent Health Collaborative

The California Adolescent Health Collaborative (CAHC) is a public-private statewide coalition with the goal of increasing understanding and support...

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CAMI Health

CAMI Health is an organization dedicated to improving the health of women and girls worldwide. With sixteen years of related experience, we address...

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Center for Research on Adolescent Health & Development

The Center for Research on Adolescent Health and Development integrates research, training, and advocacy in adolescent sexual health and rights wit...

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Child Health and Development Studies

Child Health and Development Studies (CHDS) investigates how health and disease are passed on between generations--not only genetically, but also t...

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GOJoven International

GOJoven International is a multi-year youth development fellowship program focused on building the capacity of young leaders and their organization...

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Here's How We're Making a Difference

Developing Youth Leaders for Reproductive Health

PHI’s GoJoven program develops and supports youth leaders across Latin America to advocate for sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services, resources and education in their communities. It’s estimated that 27,000 youth in Belize, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico have received better SRH education and services because of the efforts of GoJoven leaders.

In 2015, GoJoven was recognized as one of the top youth leadership development programs by the USAID-funded Leadership, Management & Governance Project.



Forging the Path to Better Reproductive Health Technologies

PHI's CAMI Health is building and leading learning networks to foster collaborations, manage knowledge, and set priority actions for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs).

Since the launch of the Initiative in 2009, PHI's CAMI Health has served as the Secretariat to advance the field of MPTs. It prioritizes the physical, mental, emotional, and socioeconomic health of women and girls worldwide. Looking ahead, CAMI Health aims to apply the learning network model to continue advocating for women and girls so that they can lead happy, healthy lives.

The IMPT network is comprised of members from across disciplines including sexual and reproductive health, has convened technical consultations, presented at domestic and international conferences, and led webinars for a global audience.


Investing in Young Leaders to Champion the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Movement

The Youth Champions Initiative, part of PHI's RiseUp, invests in powerful young leaders in Ethiopia, India, Pakistan and the United States who are leading the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) movement.

In Pakistan, one 2016 seed grantee, Ali Raza Rizvi, is using short films and street theatre in the remote areas of Karachi and Interior Sindh to prompt new community discussions about the importance of SRHR.

Raza Rizvi’s Ehsas Films is also creating new live and online platforms to discuss SRHR after each screening, performance, and posting.

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation demonstrates that the Youth Champions have significantly strengthened their leadership, and that their innovative projects are already improving SRHR in their communities