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Aging Well in Communities: Conducting Focus Groups

2009 | Download

Focus groups can be an important part of planning for aging well in a community. This is a guide to how to run them effectively.

You can gain more information about key issues identified in public forums; help clarify survey data; and elicit input from important cultural or linguistic groups that were not well represented in other parts of your planning process.

Before you conduct aging well focus groups, we strongly recommend that you review "Community Planning for Aging Well: An Overview." It discusses key foundational elements of a successful aging well planning process, including:

  • Understanding how planning for aging well in the community is different from other planning efforts
  • Deciding what role local government should play
  • Forming a broad-based, representative planning committee
  • Choosing language that will attract boomers and engage them in your effort
  • Developing cultural competence
  • Gathering data from your community
  • Reporting and using your results

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