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Are You Talking With Your Teen?

2009 | Download

Adolescence is a time for young people to explore decision-making, relationships, and their identity. Sometimes, if young people feel like they don’t have any connection to their families, home, or school they may turn to risky behaviors. Parents who talk openly and caringly with their teens help create a warm, loving home; their teens will also feel better about themselves and make healthier lifestyle choices. 

It is important that parents talk with teens. Teens want information and a close relationship with their parents. Teens look for support and guidance from close adults in their lives. A national survey showed that pre-teens and teens want more information on puberty, guns in school, and racism/discrimination. This study also showed that over 50% of teens remember conversations with their parents about reproduction, discrimination, teasing/bullying, guns in schools and alcohol/drugs. Teens need clear information on the important issues in their lives; parents play a key role in delivering that information.

Tip sheet for more effective parent-teen communication.