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Asthma and Diesel

2009 | Download

Diesel engines emit a complex mixture of air pollutants. In California diesel particulate matter contributes to an estimated 3,500 premature deaths each year as well as thousands of hospital admissions, asthma attacks and other respiratory symptoms, and lost workdays. 

Many diesel emission sources such as heavily traveled roads, ports, and rail yards are concentrated near densely populated areas, which leads to higher exposures and greater health consequences for our children. Children are one of the most vulnerable populations since their lungs are still developing.

Asthma and Diesel, a fact sheet from PHI's Regional Asthma Management and Prevention program, explores:

  • The health risks of diesel exposure, with a focus on kids
  • The connections between diesel exhaust and asthma
  • How local, regional, and state policies can help reduce the environmental triggers related to diesel pollution to help prevent and mitigate asthma for school-aged children where they live, learn, and play.

Download the fact sheet.