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Concept Paper: The California Alliance for Prevention Funding

2018 | Download

The California Alliance for Funding Prevention was convened in May 2015 by the Public Health Institute and partners to advocate for sustainable funding for prevention in California. The mission of the Alliance is to Build a culture of health for all Californians, reduce disparities and contain health costs through education and state level advocacy for new and sustained funding to promote health equity and prevent the leading causes of illness and injuries, particularly through upstream primary prevention.

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The Alliance’s Foundational Principles:

  • CAPF supports establishment of a statewide mechanism to assure long term, sustainable funding  of local and state initiatives to promote health equity and prevent the leading causes of illness, injury, and premature death in California.
  • Funding should support policies, systems and environmental changes and community programs that work outside of health care settings to make California's communities more conducive to health.
  • Funds should be distributed and coordinated among: local health departments; community-based, regional and statewide nonprofit organizations; and state government according to established criteria.
  • Funds must benefit all Californians and promote greater equity and health, reaching residents from urban to rural areas, young and old, and across California’s diverse races and ethnicities.