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Consumption of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Among California Women

2012 | Download

This report uses data from the 2009 California Women's Health Survey to plot out consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in California women by food stamp participation, income, and education.

Findings include:

  • Women who had not graduated from college were about twice more likely to drink SSBs daily than women who had graduated.
  • Women ages 18 to 44 were 1.4 times more likely than women ages 45 and older to drink SSBs daily.
  • Women from all other racial/ethnic groups were more likely than Hispanic women to drink SSBs daily: African American/Black women were 2.9 times more likely; White women were 1.3 times more likely; and Asian/Other women were 1.2 times more likely. However, other than Hispanics, there were no significant differences be-tween the racial/ethnic groups.

Download the report.