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Intervention Effectiveness Research in Adolescent Health Psychology: Methodological Issues and Strategies, Handbook of Adolescent Health Psychology

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This chapter from the Handbook of Adolescent Health Psychology examines the scientific foundations for intervention effectiveness research and its use. The fundamental strategy of addressing plausible alternative explanations for research findings is emphasized. The essential roles of theory and mechanisms of change, converging evidence, and research critique are discussed.

Interventions to promote adolescent health have been widely implemented with a variety of goals, settings, populations, and approaches. Many of these interventions focus on preventing risky behaviors, promoting healthy behaviors, or more broadly promoting healthy development—all within the province of adolescent health psychology. Research evidence regarding effectiveness has been accumulating for some intervention approaches, yet the validity and integrity of this evidence and the way in which it is used require careful scrutiny. The issues and challenges in conducting, interpreting, appraising, and synthesizing this type of research are substantial.

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