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Linkages Planning Guide

2005 | Download

California families in crisis are not well served when faced with two service delivery systems—CalWORKs and Child Welfare—resulting in two sets of workers, two case plans, and sometimes conflicting goals and requirements. 

For families involved with both CalWORKs and CWS, we learned that Linkages services can reduce the burdens of bureaucracy and heighten opportunities for success. Today, we know that when we work together, we can work more effectively to help families succeed.

Learn more with the Linkages Planning Guide. 

Created by PHI's California Center for Research on Women and Families, this guide serves to share the philosophy of Linkages—and to provide county leaders throuhout and beyond California with information about the specific approaches and tools that can help them plan and implement Linkages in their own communities. The guide also provides case studies by showcasing the work of county leaders from the 13 Pioneer Counties who participated in the first phase of the CalWORKs/Child Welfare Partnership Project.