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Majority of Young Children in California Eat Fast Food Regularly but Drink Less Soda

2013 | Download

Despite steady declines in soda consumption, 60 percent of children between two and five years of age continue to eat fast food at least once a week, according to a new policy brief from the UCLA Center for Heatlh Policy Research, authored by PHI researchers. Among young Latino children, the rate is 70 percent; overall, one in 10 young children eats three or more fast food meals per week. The majority of children also fall short of the state standard on fruit and vegetable consumption, with Asian children having the lowest levels of fruit and vegetable consumption.

Given the poor trajectory for children who are overweight before they reach age six, investments in programs that help reduce fast food consumption and promote eating more fruits and vegetables may be among the policy solutions that will help improve young children’s health.

A publication of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. View the brief on their website.