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Moving Toward Prevention: A Guide for Reframing Sexual Violence

2018 | Berkeley Media Studies Group

In this guide, developed in partnership with the National Sexual Violence Resource Center and with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, PHI's Berkeley Media Studies Group reviewed best practices in framing sexual violence to inform the public about preventing sexual assault. They also highlight ways to communicate with the media, which play an important role in educating the public, and hope readers will come away able to:

  • identify and address problematic and inaccurate frames around sexual violence, including news frames;
  • develop effective messages about preventing sexual harassment, abuse, and assault that will resonate with different audiences and in many contexts;
  • identify the value of the media as a tool for informing and educating the public around sexual violence and how to prevent it;
  • be more accessible and effective sources for journalists covering sexual violence in general and sexual violence prevention in particular;
  • include prevention in news stories about sexual violence; and
  • pitch engaging and newsworthy stories that can make prevention visible to a broad audience.

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