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No Time for Complacency: Sexual Health Needs of California’s Foster and Transitioning Youth

2009 | Download

Foster and transitioning youth face substantial sexual and reproductive health challenges, but all youth should have one or more trusted adults with whom to discuss sexual and other issues they face as they deal with life’s increasingly complex challenges. 

There is a compelling need to help connect transitioning foster youth to caring, committed adults who can serve in this role both before and after a youth has left care. In the long term, sex education and reproductive health services should be interwoven with other child welfare improvement efforts to holistically address issues such as absence of trusted adults, low expectations, and the need to belong, all of which can contribute to risky sexual behaviors and pregnancy. 

This report, from PHI's Center for Research on Adolescent Health and Development, explores the sexual health challenges needs for California's foster and transitioning youth, and provides nine policy recommendations.

Read the excutive summary, or find the whole study here.