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Opening Doors and Opportunities for Girls: A Title IX Compliance Check List

2014 | This document is produced through the California Title IX Coalition, which includes PHI's California Center on Research for Women and Families. | Download

Top 14 questions to ask and act on

Title IX is an important federal law that requires school districts and schools to provide equal access, resources, opportunities and facilities for girls. How can parents, school board members, community leaders and students help to ensure compliance with the law?

This resource includes four modules that include priority questions to ask of your school's administrators. The Title IX Check List does not comprise a full-blown compliance review, but rather a set of indicators that experts believe are the most important to address in the near term. It also includes an Action Work Sheet so that you can easily compile recommended action steps for your high school.

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PHI's California Center for Research on Women and Families worked with local partners to use the Title IX Check List in a Beta test to determine whether 9 local schools were meeting their legal responsibilities under Title IX. Thanks to a partnership with Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, the results and recommendations from these assessments were presented at a Senate Judiciary hearing in January 2015.

What is the California Title IX Coalition?

We are a cadre of California women’s organizations, which has developed a Title IX Check List to assess implementation in local high schools—focusing in on priority indicators and best practices in three important areas covered under Title IX: athletics, sexual harassment, and pregnant teens. Although Title IX is best known for breaking down barriers in athletics, it also protects students from sexual harassment and requires fair treatment for pregnant and parenting students, among many provisions.

California Title IX Coalition members include:

  • AAUW of California
  • California Center for Research on Women and Families
  • California Women’s Law Center
  • Equal Rights Advocates
  • Legal Aid Society – Employment Law Center

The Title IX Coalition is now being managed by Kim Turner at Legal Aid Society -- Employment Law Center. Contact Kim Turner at kturner@las-elc.org.