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Interactive Digital Primer: Adverse Childhood Experiences across California

2016 | See the tool.

A Social Movement, Driven By Communities And Rooted In Medicine

Recognizing that the long-lasting effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), public health organizations around the country are beginning to treat ACEs as an urgent public health crisis. This primer, "A Social Movement, Driven By Communities And Rooted In Medicine," created through the awarding winning partnership between PHI and LiveStories, a data storytelling platform, uses data from PHI's Survey Research Group to create an interactive series of charts and maps that displays county and state-wide data about the pervasiveness of ACEs alongside resources and words of wisdom from thought leaders.

Researchers have found that the more ACEs a person experiences, the greater their risk of chronic disease and mental illness in the future. By working across sectors, networks of community based organizations, medical and social service professionals, and public agencies and systems are learning how to intervene effectively in the lives of children who have already experienced one or more ACES, and how to help adults understand the harms of toxic stress and disrupt its inter-generational pull.

The charts in the primer, created by PHI's Amy Max and Laura Saponara, can be modified to display specific localized data. Below are two of the interactive graphs included in the report. Click on the blue "All adults" and "1 ACE-4 or more ACEs" to customize the charts and data displayed.

Prevalence of ACEs among CA adults

Percent of residents with at least one ACE

Read the primer and customize the charts.