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Principles for A Public Health and Equity Approach to Cannabis Regulation

2019 | Download

PHI's Getting it Right from the Start project works with California cities and counties, as well as other states, to provide guidance on adopting cannabis policies that reduce harms, protect against youth and problem cannabis use, and ensure social equity. Project goals include: protecting children and youth; not exacerbating existing health disparities in such as low birth weight, poor mental health outcomes or lower high school graduation rates; minimizing cannabis dependency and attendant health and social harms; minimizing creation of a powerful new tobacco-like industry; reducing social harms related to the war on drugs; and promoting economic and social justice.

States, cities, and counties can advance laws and regulations that learn from tobacco and alcohol experience, protect youth, and promote better health and social outcomes. We suggest considering the following categories for provisions when creating or updating state or local cannabis policies:

  • Equity
  • Leadership
  • Packaging & Marketing
  • Products
  • Information
  • Monitoring
  • Licensing
  • Pricing & Taxes
  • Smoke-free Air

Read the full brief to see specific suggested provisions in each category.