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Profiles of Success: A Five-Year Retrospective of the Organizational Development Services Program

2009 | Download

This report is a five-year retrospective of the Organizational Development Services (ODS) program, which provided capacity-building and technical support to grantees of The California Wellness Foundation. The Center for Civic Partenrship's work with 109 participants in the ODS program has provided it with a unique and valuable perspective on the opportunities and challenges facing nonprofit leaders in California.

In 2002, The California Wellness Foundation (TCWF) provided a grant to the Center for Civic Partnerships (the Center) to conduct an assessment of the needs of TCWF grantees and to develop a technical assistance model in response. Based on the findings, its own research into best practices, and its substantial experience in the field, the Center developed a capacity-building model called the Organizational Development Services (ODS) program. After a successful pilot version of the year-long program provided support to nine nonprofit organizations based in Los Angeles, TCWF awarded grant funding to the Center to expand the ODS program statewide in 2004 and provide customized support to twenty Foundation grantees each year for five years.

In 2005 the Center was invited by TCWF to expand its capacity-building work with grantees into the area of organizational learning and evaluation. Subsequently, a technical support component was implemented which provided more in-depth and tailored support to a subgroup of the ODS program participants around evaluation and organizational learning.

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