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Beneficial Effects of Motivational Interviewing Case Management (2019)

A Latent Class Analysis of Recovery Capital Among Sober Living Residents With Criminal Justice Involvement BACKGROUND This secondary analysis...

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California Pregnancy-Associated Mortality Review (CA-PAMR): Pregnancy-Associated Suicide from 2002 to 2012 (2019)

Released by the California Department of Public Health’s Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division, the California Maternal Quality Care...

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State Parity Laws May Explain Why Federal Policy Aimed at Increasing Access to Alcohol Treatment Services Shows Modest Effect (2019)

In the US, approximately 16 million people have an alcohol use disorder and heavy drinking is a leading cause of preventable death. However, a...

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Motivational Interviewing Case Management (MICM) for Persons on Probation or Parole Entering Sober Living Houses (2018)

The failure of incarceration as a response to drug offenses has resulted in new policies supporting community-based alternatives. One challenge has...

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Role of Recovery Residences in Criminal Justice Reform (2018)

Over the past decade there has been a clear consensus among drug policy researchers that the practice of incarcerating persons for drug offenses ha...

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Problems and Service Needs Among Ex-Offenders with HIV Risk Behaviors Entering Sober Living Recovery Homes (2017)

There is currently a nationwide effort to decrease the number of persons who are incarcerated in jails and prisons. However, many ex-offenders on p...

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The Architecture of Recovery: Two Kinds of Housing Assistance for Chronic Homeless Persons with Substance Use Disorders (2017)

Purpose Roughly half a million persons in the United States are homeless on any given night and over a third of those individuals have significan...

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Stores Take a Stand for Community Health (2016)

Stores Take a Stand for Community Health from Elizabeth Emerson on Vimeo. What happens to stores when their owners decide to stop selling ...

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Tobacco, Alcohol, and Processed Food Industries – Why Do Public Health Practitioners View Them So Differently? (2016)

Public health officials often view food companies as legitimate partners in improving population health, even as they eschew interactions with the ...

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Trends in Alcohol’s Harms to Others (AHTO) and Co-occurrence of Family-Related AHTO: The Four US National Alcohol Surveys, 2000–2015 (2015)

PHI Alcohol Research Group researchers Thomas K. Greenfield, Katherine Karriker-Jaffe, Lauren Kaplan and William C. Kerr, along with Sharon C. Wils...

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First Book on Alcohol-Related Injuries in the Americas (2013)

Alcohol Research Group (ARG) associate director Cheryl Cherpitel, DrPH, was chief editor on the first book to focus on alcohol and injuries in...

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Wet and Dry: Issues of Culture, Control, Consent and Country-to-Country Consumption (2011)

An ambitious research program led by PHI's Alcohol Research Group and joined by collaborators from around the world is providing new insights i...

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2010 California Adolescent Health Progress Report (2010)

This compilation of data presents a multi-year progress report on the health of CalIfornia's adolescents and young adults. Designed for pro...

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Alcohol Marketing in the Digital Age (2010)

New technologies are fundamentally altering the tobacco and alcohol marketing landscape. Even as the "information superhighway" has given...

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Patterns of Clinically Significant Symptoms of Depression among Heavy Users of Alcohol and Cigarettes (2009)

Abstract  Depression is among the most prevalent and treatable diseases, and it is associated with cigarette smoking and heavy alcohol use. ...

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