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Electronic Health Records as a Resource for Public Health Surveillance (2016)

Case Study of Glycohemoglobin Testing & Diabetes Surveillance Electronic health records (EHR) are the digital version of a patient's pa...

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Food and beverage marketing to children and adolescents: Limited progress by 2012 - Brief Report (2012)

Although research suggests that healthy products can be profitable for the food industry, marketers continue to target children with ads for foods ...

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Food and beverage marketing to children and adolescents: Limited progress by 2012 -- Full Report (2012)

American children and adolescents remain exposed to a disproportionate amount of marketing for unhealthy foods and beverages, in spite of some prog...

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Organizational Adoption: Implementing New Technologies to Optimize Medication Use Among Older Adults (2010)

In 2010, five health services organizations—American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Foundation, Caring Choices, Connecticut Pharmacists Fo...

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The SCAN Foundation Summit: Enhancing Social Action for Older Adults through Technology (2010)

As the information and communications technology landscape continues its rapid expansion and evolution, the use of social media technology for soci...

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Parents in Action! Training Curriculum Evaluation (2009)

Parents can play a role in developing and ensuring the full implementation of their local school wellness policies (LSWP). Yet, for the most part, ...

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Health Inequities in the Bay Area (2008)

The odds of being healthy can depend very much on which community you live in. People who live in West Oakland, for example, can expect to liv...

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Life and Death from Unnatural Causes: Executive Summary (2008)

Health and social inequity in Alameda County Certain groups of people in Alameda County are getting sick and dying prematurely from “unna...

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