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Environmental Health

Energy Efficiency and Health: A Guide for Public Health and Health Care Professionals (2019)

Download the guide Housing conditions play a significant role in health. Public health and hea...

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Climate Change, Health, and Equity: A Guide for Local Health Departments (2018)

Download the guide In 2005, 35 individuals died over a 9-day period of extreme...

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The California Healthy Places Index (2018)

The California Healthy Places Index (HPI), a resource developed by the Public Health Alliance of Southern California, is a powerful new tool t...

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The Cost of Premature Birth from Preventable Air Pollution in California (2018)

Air pollution can have serious effects on health, starting from the very first stages of life. Vie...

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A Hidden Problem: Lead-Poisoned Children in the United States (2017)

Explore the study findings with interactive maps from PHI's California Environmental Health Tracking Program ...

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California Agricultural Pesticide Mapping Tool (2017)

Where are agricultural pesticides applied within California? How many are used near a specific location? Has pesticide usage increased or decr...

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Climate Justice Changes Health: Local, Tribal, Global, and Generational (Webinar) (2017)

The American Public Health Association (APHA) has declared 2017 the Year of Climate Change and Health. Tune in to this recording of the year's ...

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Environmental Health Tracking Improves Pesticide Use Data to Enable Research and Inform Public Health Actions in California (2017)

California is the largest agricultural producer in the United States, and, as such, high volumes of pesticides are used throughout the state. Pesti...

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The Imperial County Community Air Monitoring Network: A Model for Community-based Environmental Monitoring for Public Health Action (2017)

Communities and regulatory agencies are discovering the utility of small, low-cost environmental sensors that are able to provide real-time informa...

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Third Trimester Estrogens and Maternal Breast Cancer: Prospective Evidence (2017)

Context  Full-term pregnancy is associated both with a transient increase and life-time decrease in maternal breast cancer risk. Estrone (E1...

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A Physician’s Guide to Climate Change, Health and Equity (2016)

Physicians are trusted in their communities on issues of health and wellness, which makes them invaluable messengers when it comes to helping indiv...

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California Water Boundary Tool (WBT) (2016)

The Water Systems Geographic Reporting Tool, also known as the Water Boundary Tool (WBT) was developed by PHI's California Environmental H...

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Electronic Health Records as a Resource for Public Health Surveillance (2016)

Case Study of Glycohemoglobin Testing & Diabetes Surveillance Electronic health records (EHR) are the digital version of a patient's pa...

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PHI's Linda Rudolph on "Climate Health, Your Health: Prevention Is Protection" (2016)

Climate disruption is not only a threat to the planet's ecosystems, but is harming our health.  Dr. Linda Rudolph from PHI's ...

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PHI's Linda Rudolph on "Climate One: Health Hazards of One Degree" (2016)

Global warming is hitting closer to home than we think, from a neighborhood child gasping with asthma to a parent collapsing from heatstroke. These...

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Reducing Barriers to LPG Use Through Employer-Sponsored Programs: A Pilot Project in Guatemala (2016)

For many Guatemalan households, the high cost of an LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) cooking package (e.g. stove, gas cylinder, fuel and regular) pose...

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What Do Guatemalan Households Say About LPG? (2016)

Through market research in Guatemala, PHI identified the key motivators for women who cook with propane gas (LPG), including ease of use, speed and...

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Act on Climate: California Communities Addressing Climate Change and Health (2015)

From solar buses in Gilroy to resilience and adaptation planning in West Oakland to promotora education in National City, California communities ar...

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Costs of Environmental Health Conditions in California Children (2015)

Children are generally more susceptible than adults to environmental hazards, but little is known about the economic burden of illnesses related to...

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Pesticide Use Near California Schoolchildren (2014)

California agriculture produces nearly half of all fruits and vegetables grown in the Unites States. These foods are essential components of a heal...

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