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Much of PHI’s work is done in collaboration with other organizations. All of the publications and resources available here were produced through PHI programs.

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Hospital Services & Systems

Hospitals & Community Health: Moving Beyond the Numerical Tally (2020)

Continuing movement towards risk-based reimbursement in health care financing offers new opportunities for generative dialogue among hospitals...

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Meeting the Demand for Health: Final Report from the California Future Health Workforce Commission (2019)

California’s health system is facing a crisis, with rising costs and millions of Californians struggling to access the care they need. This g...

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Partnerships for Health Equity and Opportunity: A Healthcare Playbook for Community Developers (2018)

Download the playbook The United States spends nearly $3.5 trillion on medical care each year,...

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Policy Leadership for Health Care Transformation: Formalizing our Commitment to Communities (2018)

Help spread the word with a tweet: How are healthcare organizations using policy to institutionalize their commitment to the #socialdeterminantsofh...

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Webinar: CACHE 101 (2018)

The Center to Advance Community Health & Equity (CACHE), housed at the Public Health Institute, helps nonprofit hospitals, health systems, and ...

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Challenges and Recommendations on Using Telehealth for Directly Observed Therapy in Treating Tuberculosis (2016)

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the most widespread infectious diseases in the world, infecting an average of 9 million people annually. Although TB is...

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Making Food Systems Part of Your Community Health Needs Assessment (2016)

Practical Guidance from the Tackling Hunger Project Community health needs assessments (CHNAs) are conducted every three years by nonprofit hos...

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California Community Health Centers: Financial Analysis of Telehealth Programs (2015)

California community health centers and clinics (CCHCs), including federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), rural health centers (RHCs), and oth...

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Community Health Centers and Telehealth: A Cost Analysis Report & Recommendations (2015)

Community Health Centers have historically played a vitally important role in providing health care to underserved and uninsured communities. In Ca...

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Fact Sheet: Highlights from the Post-Acute Care Transitions (2010)

The recent focus on improving postacute care transitions (the process by which a patient moves from hospital to home or other settings) is being dr...

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Grantee Profile: The ASCP Foundation: Identifying Medication-Related Problems in Older Adults with Monitor-Rx (2010)

The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) Foundation was one of five grantees that received a Medication Optimization Diffusion Grants ...

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Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care for Youth and Young Adults: Recommendations and Resources for Providers in California and Beyond (2010)

Behavioral health care for youth and young adults presents challenges for a variety of health providers. Behavioral health problems are often compl...

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Standard Chartered Bank and Helen Keller International Collaboration in Indonesia (2009)

Blindness is a serious public health problem in Indonesia. Blindness is slightly more prevalent in Indonesia than in SubSaharan Africa (1.5% of the...

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