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Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic, Latino

Junk Food Marketing to Children of Color: The Current Reality and What We Can Do About It (2018)

All children deserve the opportunity to be healthy and thrive, but an all-too-common marketing practice in which food ...

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California’s Central Valley: Addressing Disparity in a Region of Abundance—Creating Healthy Communities through Community Leadership Development (2014)

PHI is proud to contribute to the National Civic Review's two-part editorial project honoring the 25th anniversary of the Healthy Communit...

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Pesticide Use Near California Schoolchildren (2014)

California agriculture produces nearly half of all fruits and vegetables grown in the Unites States. These foods are essential components of a heal...

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Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities Among Women in California (2014)

At a time when California is more racially and ethnically diverse than ever, nearly twice as many of the state’s women of color, as a group, ...

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California Hispanic Women's Fruit and Vegetable Consumption by Years in the United States, 2007 (2011)

A brief on the results of the 2007 California Women's Health Survey highlights its finding that years in the U.S. is not a associated with a de...

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California's Smoke-free Workplace Act: Ending Exemptions - Finding Equity (2011)

Provides overview of current limitations to protections for workers from workplace secondhand smoke and highlights labor code exemptions that, if e...

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Using an Opinion Poll to Build an Obesity-Prevention Social Marketing Campaign for Low-Income Asian and Hispanic Immigrants: Report of Findings (2011)

Using a random digit-dial survey to poll 905 Hispanic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Hmong, and Korean Californians adults with an income les...

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