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Marketing E-Cigarettes Toward Adolescents (M.E.T.A.) (2019)

Menthol is the most abundant flavor of e-cigarettes sold in Oakland and Bay Area local markets, pharmacies and liquor stores—and the flavors ...

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Countermarketing Alcohol and Unhealthy Food: An Effective Strategy for Preventing Noncommunicable Diseases? Lessons from Tobacco (2017)

The World Health Organization has identified tobacco, alcohol, and processed food as leading causes of noncommunicable diseases and the primary con...

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Economics of Tobacco Control in China (2016)

Nearly 370 million people in China smoke; about one-third of all smokers in the world are in China; and about 1.2 million deaths in China are attri...

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Stores Take a Stand for Community Health (2016)

Stores Take a Stand for Community Health from Elizabeth Emerson on Vimeo. What happens to stores when their owners decide to stop selling ...

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Tobacco, Alcohol, and Processed Food Industries – Why Do Public Health Practitioners View Them So Differently? (2016)

Public health officials often view food companies as legitimate partners in improving population health, even as they eschew interactions with the ...

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What surrounds us shapes us: Making the environmental case for tobacco control (2016)

Creating healthy environments starts with knowing what you want to change. Then you have to find the right language to effectively talk about it. L...

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Women in Tobacco Farming: Health, Equality and Empowerment (2016)

The "Women in Tobacco Farming: Health, Equality and Empowerment" study was conducted in three tobacco producing countries: China, Tanzani...

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2010 California Adolescent Health Progress Report (2010)

This compilation of data presents a multi-year progress report on the health of CalIfornia's adolescents and young adults. Designed for pro...

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Alcohol Marketing in the Digital Age (2010)

New technologies are fundamentally altering the tobacco and alcohol marketing landscape. Even as the "information superhighway" has given...

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Increasing Local Funding Options for Disease Prevention Programs in Rural California Counties: Report and Advocacy Guide (2009)

This report provides a national and statewide overview of the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) fund allocation from tobacco industry settlements. ...

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Patterns of Clinically Significant Symptoms of Depression among Heavy Users of Alcohol and Cigarettes (2009)

Abstract  Depression is among the most prevalent and treatable diseases, and it is associated with cigarette smoking and heavy alcohol use. ...

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