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Creating a True Health System

August 18, 2014

This month we asked PHI board members and staff to share their thoughts on how to accelerate the integration of public health and healthcare. Eduardo Sanchez from the American Heart Association said it best:  “The opportunity over the next 50 years is bridging medical care and public health into what should be considered the health system for all Americans."  more

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Press Releases

EPA’s Gina McCarthy heads “Action in Climate Change and Health” Event Held on the Eve of UN Climate Summit

September 19, 2014

The EPA’s Gina McCarthy, Acting U.S. Surgeon; General Boris Lushniak; Dr. Maria Neira, Director of Public Health and the Environment Department at the World Health Organization; and Dr. Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet will speak at the “Action in Climate Change and Health” event held the day before the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit in New York.


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DeLauro's Soda Tax Bill A Win for Health

July 29, 2014

"The Public Health Institute strongly supports U.S. Representative Rosa DeLauro's (D-CT) groundbreaking new federal legislation introduced today that would place a graduated  excise tax  on manufacturers and distributors of sugar-sweetened beverages. Sugary drinks continue to be a leading driver of the nation's obesity and diabetic epidemics. DeLauro's bill creates a win-win for the public: holding the promise to reduce sugar in sodas and to direct resources to prevent chronic diseases. We urge other legislators to join with Representative DeLauro to put health first."  more

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Announcements & Events

Sept. 22: PHI Civil Society Event on Action in Climate Change and Health, Before the UN Climate Summit

September 03, 2014

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has invited world leaders to Climate Summit 2014 to catalyze governments, industry and civil society worldwide toward substantial commitments for a low-carbon economy to mitigate climate change. In advance of this meeting, the Public Health Institute with other co-hosting organizations has organized a Civil Society Event on Action in Climate Change and Health.  more

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PHI in the News

Dramatic decline in California's teen birthrates over 22 years

July 23, 2014 | Contra Costa Times

Alison Chopel, director of the Public Health Institute's California Adolescent Health Collaborative, comments on California's drop in teen birthrates.   more

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